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Here are the reasons you should watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 

  1. The soundtrack is excellent. It took composer John Williams 4 years to make the entire thing. In comparison, it took him 14 weeks on each Star Wars movie and 40 weeks for ET. That is crazy. The vocals you hear in the soundtrack are usually from one of the languages that JRR Tolkien wrote, like elvish. All of the words translated into English are poems, quotes or lyrics. Sometimes quotes from the book or, on occasion, quotes from other parts of the movie that are relevant to the current scene.  As I'm sure you know, composers typically score finished scenes. When there were no finished scenes for him to score, composer Howard Shore would develop themes inspired by the book or script dialogue. That's why, if you watch it, you'll notice each of the different places has different musical motifs. He really just went, "What would Mordor sound like?", "What would Lorien sound like?" and that was all way before the scenes were even completed. There are over 100 motifs for different people and places. Like Aragorn’s theme,the music adapts to the scene. If it’s a bloody battlefield there will be horns or soft flutes for the love interest. Eowyn has not one (1) but three (3)  different leftimotifs to represent her!! I want three leftimotifs to represent me :/ just kidding. The music is symbolic but I can’t say more without giving away spoilers. As the characters grow the music changes. But only for the heroes, the villains stay the same (probably to show lack of growth because they’re still evil) It’s just so good. Before you get mad, I did shorten that so you wouldn’t have to read that much.
  2. As good as they are, you shouldn’t take them too seriously, they’re kinda ridiculous.
  3. The men are actually really nice to each other, they’re not like “No, I’m too manly to have emotions or give my best friend a hug” They actually do it and it’s nice to see.  
  4. To create the battles, Weta (the television station)  used a program called MASSIVE. I think it might be an acronym but I’m not sure. Anyway they created thousands of GC soldiers and gave them artificial intelligence, talents, skills and abilities. Then, they just let them fight to replicate real battle. It worked so well that some of the soldiers assessed the battlefield and fled. While that may not be a specific reason to watch this movie I just think it’s funny.

5.I’m not going to go into detail on this one due to spoilers but in some instances JRR Tolkien bases the characters’ experiences off his own with the war, and the parallels are really sad, as are most things with war. I would elaborate but again, I don’t know if you’ve read them or not and I’d like to refrain from spoiling.

6. It's good, trust me.